I started a new job as an creative recruiter about five months ago. It’s been a STEEP learning curve but with an awesome team also really enjoyable. I’m focused on the interactive space which means in today’s world, I’m knee-deep in user experience designers, interaction designers, visual web designers, and email producers.

I recently saw this slideshow from the founder of Foodspotting, Alexa Andrzejewski, and thought it combined nicely user experience design and entrepreneurship–two topics very dear to me.

What I like most about this presentation is how it focuses on coming up with a vision and then validating the experience — rather than a business model. A business model is still important but it’s just not the central piece — the experience and how one interacts with the product is what everything else, including the business model, revolve around. I also like how the presentation points out the value of creating complete iterations of the product over time — instead of a developing the bottom layer of a wedding cake in phase 1, develop a cupcake — a complete end-result with frosting and a cherry on top. Then, develop a more robust phase 2, followed by phase 3 and so on. These are classic truths of successful entrepreneurship described in pictures rather than numbers. Love it!




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