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How a Transformational Leader Relates in the 21st Century

Over the last four years, I have been focused on bringing consciousness into the gestalt that is business. As a result, I have been experimenting with different tools to explain the benefits of transformational work. Of course, there is no better tool than direct embodied experience, but sometimes a more mind-oriented approach is more appropriate.

Hence: PowerPoint — to ground my transformational rhetoric by using an ordinary business communication tool.

I created this presentation two years ago to help people understand that how one relates (to friends, family, colleagues, nature, etc.) directly affects one’s ability to transform the world around. By taking responsibility for positive relationship completely, one becomes a progressive growth experience for others enabling unlimited potential for economic, political, and artistic transformation.

Relating in the 21st Century

Conscious Business

I wrote this 3 years ago in November 2006. Reading it again, the text is darker than how I feel today. Nonetheless, much of it is still relevant though the current economic recession and Obama’s political term create a new shadow.


An imbalance exists within much of industry today; and, the proper restoration of this balance is essential to ensure the longevity of all species and culearthtures on this earth–human, plant, and animal. Without this redistribution, diversity will be lost which is integral to the composition of life. We are in the midst of re-defining industry’s relationship with nature. If we do not, many more species and cultures will die. A recent 700-page report by former World Bank Chief Economist Sir Nicholas Stern, and one of the British government’s top economic advisors, suggests that without any action to stem current trends, global warming could shrink the world’s economy by up to 20%, costing it more than either of the 20th century’s world wars or the Depression.[1]

This article is about redistributing the value chain; it’s about organizing misaligned industry around universal truths–to carry it into balance. A comparison study from the early 1900s of the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Vedanta found: “Truth is not the exclusive property of any one group of people, but is the common property of the whole human race and equally open to all who can claim it. Whoever is open to truth does not care from what source it comes. It is Truth, that is sufficient.”[2]

A spiritual outlook guides these universal truths as they create a framework which underlies global consciousness. Continue reading “Conscious Business” »

Painting and Rick Jarow at Esalen

Have you ever been to Esalen? My first time was in August. I had written down in early January that one of the goals I had for myself this year was to go to Esalen. In August, I was in the midst of making a lot of important changes in my life and decided spending a weekend at Esalen would be a great way to transition into the new.

I decided to take a workshop with Rick Jarow assisted by Dawn Avery. My friend Sura knew Rick so we all drove up together and had 5 great hours of getting to know each other; we were squeezed in tight while driving from LA to Big Sur with 4 people and Dawn’s cello sitting in my jetta!

We arrived safely and with smiles. Five minutes after setting my backpack down on my bunk, I walked into a movement class where I shook and boogied, dropped into my body and got into the Esalen flow. I then ate a delicious dinner made with love and vegetables from an organic garden grown on the property. After dinner I went for a soak in the tubs–spectacular. Great conversation. Subtle moments. Crashing waves. Seaweed. Birds. Salt air. An evening workshop intro. Sleep. Continue reading “Painting and Rick Jarow at Esalen” »


This year I started playing with paint and large sheets of paper; Here are my results. I love creating with color and images that flow from my fingertips, without thought. My first work of art created in spring of this year is called Flowing Tree. I made it in an afternoon workshop led by my good friend and artist Ali-Sun Trees.


Flowing Tree

I had so much fun creating that weekend, that I made video of me and my friends — beautiful women friends coming together to share, create and rejuvenate!

2009 Winter Soulstice Goddess Gathering

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