A month ago, I decided to look for a full-time job after consulting the last four years. As part of this process, I’ve been working with a great career coach.

She suggested I make a list of “energy gains” — activities in my life that boost my spirit. She also suggested to tune them with details, so I manifest the life and work I want.

Here are mine below.

Energy Gains

Speaking: speaking publicly once/month about my work, entrepreneurship and self-development; audience is small groups of 15-30 people and also larger audiences of hundreds of people

Teaching: teaching yoga once/week; coaching people on self-development; clearing energy with people; coaching entrepreneurs 1-1 on their businesses; teaching classes on entrepreneurship

Travel: living in a city where I have loved ones whom I see regularly and live with and traveling internationally 6 times a year for a few weeks at a time — for vacation and work

Creating: creating, building, manifesting a vision — a company that has a product or service that is helpful to the world

Helping the world: working on projects related to health and wellness and that help people have more clean water, money to do good, food, healthcare, and education

Health and well-being: practicing yoga, eating a 70% raw food; exercising regularly-3-5 times/week; meditating 20-30 min twice during the day, while at work and at home; being in nature on a regular basis — 3-5 times/week; feeling the sun on my face, hiking, cycling and walking

Money: being paid well for my work

People: being (collaborating) with a group of people who are enthusiastic, full of energy and aware — are connected spiritually and also very with-it in the world

Work environment: being in an open, spacious, light-filled environment with big tables, comfortable work chairs; animals are allowed; big kitchen; whiteboards; an environment that is full of love, light, energy and fun

Love: being in Love — with myself, with my friends; being with people I love and who love me; being surrounded by love

Do you have any suggestions so I can experience more of my energy gains?

What are your energy gains?

Let’s support one another so we can each have the work and lifestyle we desire.

2 thoughts on “Energy Gains

  1. Olivia

    Neelu, these are inspiring and I share the majority of them. Thanks for helping me realign with what I want today and going forward.

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