I just had the most wonderful encounter an hour ago. I walked to Coffee Bar in Potrero Hill to have lunch.

It was crowded, so I sat next to two fifty- to sixty-ish old gentlemen at the counter who were dressed in khaki pant and jacket business garb. They were engrossed in a business conversation about a deal they were trying to raise money for and setting up a golf meeting for an interested party.

After a few minutes, one of the gentleman says, “you know what I’ve been thinking about lately is the power of thought to send positive vibrations out in the universe.”


After a couple of minutes of his explanation to his colleague, I had to jump in and said, “I really appreciate the conversation you’re having and I’d like to recommend a book, Power vs Force“.

We then proceeded to talk about how fear is the opposite of love. They wanted to know more about me and I said I’m looking to combine my business skills and social mission values.

They were grateful for my book recommendation and we said our goodbyes.

Wow. I think I’m in the right spot.

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