Interview Questions

Thanks to Paul Lee Cannon for including my comments in this week’s LinkedIn Talent Blog: 5 Interview Questions You Should (and Shouldn’t) Ask.

As an agency recruiter, when vetting candidates for a particular role, I mostly want to ensure that candidates’ personal goals and ambitions are lined up with what my client’s company is offering. I let my clients ultimately determine if a candidate has the right hard skills, after an initial screening by me. That’s the best win all around — when a client finds a good culture and skill-set match and a candidate feels they’re moving up in their career with optimal potential for creative and professional satisfaction.


2013 Update

I’ve had a number of noteworthy experiences over the last months. Many updates to share!

  • Launch of my new blog design this month! Thanks to Ian Armstrong for blog design and programming, Pausha Foley for graphic design, and Anja Epkes for photography.
  • Recruiting for marketing and design is BOOMing. I switched over to the direct hire team at The Creative Group in January of 2013 (from the contract team) and since then have successfully placed people in the following roles: senior level UX, creative direction, multimedia design, graphic design, web design, account management, brand management, online marketing and others. I’m really excited to work at the intersection of design, strategy, product development and talent.
  • I went on a 5-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat at Spirit Rock at the end of last year during the December 2012 Winter Solstice. I had a fantastic experience to sit with such an established meditation center in Northern California. Continue reading “2013 Update” »

Speaking on Mentors and Apprentices Panel at FIDM

I had the opportunity to speak about my entrepreneurial and personal journey and how it’s led me to creative recruiting at a panel called Mentors and Apprentices for FASHION+TECHSF several months ago; the event was held at FIDM. Thanks to Owen Geronimo for his excellent organization and for capturing the film clip below. One key point is that while pursuing passions, vision, innovation and dreams, remember to create something of VALUE that people will want to pay money for; something where a person is willing to pay for your particular good or service over the next best option. Continue reading “Speaking on Mentors and Apprentices Panel at FIDM” »

User Experience + Entrepreneurship

I started a new job as an creative recruiter about five months ago. It’s been a STEEP learning curve but with an awesome team also really enjoyable. I’m focused on the interactive space which means in today’s world, I’m knee-deep in user experience designers, interaction designers, visual web designers, and email producers.

I recently saw this slideshow from the founder of Foodspotting, Alexa Andrzejewski, and thought it combined nicely user experience design and entrepreneurship–two topics very dear to me. Continue reading “User Experience + Entrepreneurship” »