Animal Totem

I decided to go on a road bike ride this afternoon through the Red Rock Canyon loop. It was a gorgeous, cold winter day, sunny on one side of the canyon and cloudy on the other. The 15 mile ride is stunning, hilly and my favorite in the United States. Two feet of snow from the recent storms remained in some places.

This ride ALWAYS centers me –something about the land out there, the canyon, its age, and the tectonic shifts that produced such a variety of colored rock. Continue reading “Animal Totem” »

Enlightenment in Las Vegas

There’s an old saying (or maybe it’s my saying, I can’t remember–it becomes irrelevant):

Question: What do you do on the way to enlightenment?
Answer: Carry a pail of water to and from the well.

Question: What do you do after enlightenment?
Answer: Carry a pail of water to and from the well.

While engaging in a deep spiritual journey over the last few years, I disengaged from the interests and patterning of mainstream society. I unlearned structures, found freedom from the constraint of my mind and an overall lighter way of being. Continue reading “Enlightenment in Las Vegas” »

The Ashram of Santa Monica and My Second Company

My experience over the last three years was expansive, un-grounding, lonely and freeing. I sought and I found.

By early 2006, I knew that I wanted to work with business and spirituality. The question was, “How?” How were people doing this? What did this mean for me? Did I want to run a non-profit or for-profit business? Did I want to be a new age, self-help type or motivational speaker? I looked for trends and noticed a number of entrepreneurs had been on significant spiritual journeys, including living at ashrams in India. A few immediate examples come to mind: Larry Brilliant (Neem Karoli Baba ashram), Steve Jobs and Mitch Kapor (founder of Lotus, taught transcendental meditation).

by Nina Paley

But, where were the stories about women? I couldn’t find one of a highly successful female entrepreneur that pointed to a significant spiritual journey. Who could I identify with? Kali? But, she wasn’t an entrepreneur. Oprah? Was a masculine-centric business environment keeping the feminine approach at bay? Mother nature likely agrees.

I felt like I needed some help, a teacher or mentor to guide my way here. Two weeks later, I found one. Continue reading “The Ashram of Santa Monica and My Second Company” »